My friend sold her smart phone about 6 months ago and bought a flip phone. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And it made me wonder, is that even possible these days?!

Confession… *deep breath* I get addicted to my phone. Sometimes it seems like I don’t even think about it and suddenly I realize I’m on social media scrolling through endless posts. I use social media networking for both my music and skincare businesses and they have helped me become successful. At times when I think of not using them I fear my businesses might slow down drastically. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen! But with how often I jump on it can hardly be for work purposes.

About 6 months ago my friend, Jackie, sold her smart phone ๐Ÿ“ฑ and bought a flip phone. She runs a home business, has a baby girl, and still manages to be social and grow her network online. Home business thrive on network building! How does she do it?

She bought a nice camera. This allows her to still take photos of her work, her baby, her family, etc. and then posts them on social media at a convenient time for her, instead of right away from her phone.

She still has an iPad. She’s not totally disconnected from the social interwebs. However, when she goes online it’s because she has set apart time to do so rather than just clicking in here and there throughout the day and getting sucked into the never-ending, mind-numbing “scroll.”

She plans her trips ahead. Rather than using data and phone battery while taking a long drive, she looks up her destination and plans her trips ahead of time for new destinations.


I decided I could do without too. After talking to my sisters about it I decided instead of selling my phone right away I would start with one step and see how I improved.

I deleted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest from my phone.

As soon as I did it I felt freed!

So, this only happened yesterday. Here’s what I noticed throughout the day:

After catching up on Marco Polo conversations I found myself ready to click on Facebook right away. It was like auto pilot! But it wasn’t there, so I set my phone down and played with my kids.

After finding a recipe, I did the same thing.

I took photos of Miss R dancing in the rain and wanted to share them on Instagram right away. But it wasn’t there. So instead I sent a couple to my sisters. I can do that later after the kids are in bed.

I blocked out time to work in the morning, and that included social media. I caught up on Facebook, then closed it and got some work done for my music studio.

It’s been a much more relaxing day and I seemed to get so much more done on my list. Without the distractions in between the day flowed so much more.

I shall continue to observe my days and notice the difference from simply cutting out social media.

My time is *my time (and my kids’, who am I kidding๐Ÿ˜‚) And I plan to be intentional about it.


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