My bathroom is my favorite place in the house. I’m not even kidding!

We moved into our adorable apartment back in August 2017. Apparently the renters before us left a bit of a disaster so the landlord (best landlord ever, may you be so lucky as well) completely remodeled the inside. Brand new appliances, flooring, paint, carpet… it’s so nice!

And I love to clean it. Don’t you like seeing nice things get cleaned? It’s quite rewarding.

The bathroom, though, is my favorite. It has the most adorable black and white tile work and I get compliments on it every time a new person goes in there. I found my rugs at Shopko. (I secretly love Shopko. My husband does not.) I think if I were able to do it over I would get a larger rug to go in front of the sink. They had 2 sizes available and I got the smaller one.

One of my latest hobbies has been drawing with marker pens and coloring with pencils. So of course I had to make fun signs for the bathroom! I thought of the wall decor one night during my graveyard shift and stopped by Walmart as soon as I got off at 5:00am to pick up the frames. The employees were looking at me a little funny πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Who buys frames at 5:00am?!

I also drew the sign on the counter, but the idea was not my own.

“Wash your Hands… No, seriously” πŸ˜‚

I found the image on google images somewhere and copied it by hand. And I love it how it turned out!

The cute bucket holding the extra TP on the toilet was found at At Home. My hand towel rack was found on Amazon. And the soap dispenser was also purchased at Walmart at 5:00am.

The right decor in a room can really make or break it. Although my bathroom is relatively small (though perfect for us), I like my decor; I feel like it’s really made the room. I want to spend all my time in there. And it hardly cost a thing!