In my last post I shared some things that I hope to teach my daughters. But now I want to turn it around and share a few things my mother has taught me.

This past weekend I took a road trip with my mother and sisters. I had the privilege of riding in my mother’s car and I had multiple times when I (again) noticed things about her that I’m grateful for. She has taught me so much and I hope to walk in her shoes for a bit and be the same example to my girls.

Here are just a few lessons learned from my mother:

Friends can be found anywhere.

My mother can literally make a friend at a fast food restaurant. She strikes up conversation, tells them how good a job they’re doing, compliments something about them, etc, and suddenly they could continue chatting for hours. She always leaves telling me something about her new “friend” even though she knows she may never see them again. But she leaves them smiling and feeling special.

Service can lift your spirits.

At times, if her children are feeling down, my mother will recommend doing some service. I’ve seen her do it and live by those words my whole life and I know that service not only helps others in times of need, but will make you happier!

Children need a gentle, loving hand.

On our trip this past weekend, a few of the grandkids got physically injured, including my daughter, Miss R. My mother immediately came to their aid with tears in her eyes. She understood their hurt and their need for love. She gave space to us mothers to care for our own children and offered assistance in any way possible. She was patient with their crying and frustration and gave love unconditionally.

It’s ok to fail. But never give up.

My parents haven’t had an easy life. (Has anyone?) But they kept trying! Everything from business ventures to a simple evening activity has taken turns failing, but my mother never gave up. If something failed, she took a new path; found a new job, a new design, a new plan. This is not the end, but simply a “t-street” where you turn down the road you didn’t originally plan to turn down.

Christ loves us.

My mother’s testimony of the Gospel of Christ is inspiring. She has never wavered, never doubted, simply trusted in God’s plan for His children. Is she perfect? (She’s gonna read this, so of course she is!) But in all honesty everyone has their temptations and hardships. Even through those difficult times she knows that Christ is our Savior and God loves His children unconditionally.

My mother inspires me in a thousand more ways than I could ever express. Maybe one day I can step in her shoes, and be the same example to my daughters.

(Photo: little Miss R in my shoes)