I have lots of interests and I like to take on lots of tasks and new projects. At times it all becomes incredibly overwhelming! But I do it for my daughters.

I’m a wife and mother of two. I’m a violin teacher. I’m on the Board of Directors for a local nonprofit symphony, Chamber Orchestra Ogden. I work part time answering phones during a graveyard shift(even I wonder if I sleep?!) I just started up this blog. I’m signing on this month to be a Rodan + Fields consultant and a Reliv distributor. I’m actively involved in my church and just received a new calling which I’m so excited for (Music Chairperson)! I just started up a string quartet to get gigs and actually use my performance degree. (Even my mind spins reading all this.)

Why do it all?

Since I was young I had a lot going on with school and extracurricular activities so I learned how to stay busy and be productive. I not only feel like I’m making a positive impact in the community, but a positive impact in my home.

Both my parents worked when I was growing up. They taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. Of giving it your best before quitting. And I want to teach my daughters the same.

I want my daughters to see that their mother values being a mother.

Family is so important and I pray that I can be the mother they need me to be; to celebrate in their joys, to cry with them in their hardships, to discipline with a loving hand, to sit up late with them and hear about their day, to teach them how to be their best self.

I want my daughters to see that their mother values an education.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2015 and that degree opened so many doors for me. I want my girls to see that there are paths to achieve their dreams.

I want my daughters to see that their mother values all career paths.

I support women in every role, whether climbing the corporate ladder or being a stay-at-Home-mom. They’re both incredibly challenging and rewarding in their own way! As a working mom, they can see that both are possible if desired.

I want my daughters to see that their mother values the importance of community involvement.

From church activities to nonprofit volunteering, there are people among us who need our support. Causes that need our involvement. I hope my girls can open their eyes and hearts to the needs of those around them.

So why do it all? Sure I do it for my own pleasures, goals, and desires. But I do it for my daughters. So they know they’re important, wanted, and loved. To raise smart, involved, motivated, loving women who chase their dreams and have confidence in their goals.

My life is more than ordinary. My life is for my daughters.