I remember when I was a preteen and I thought I was too old to play with dolls or play house and I tried really hard to be a “cool teenager”. My younger sister was super annoyed with me because she just wanted someone to play! Occasionally I’d give in and play with the dolls, but usually I’d brush it off and go do who-knows-what trying to be “mature.”

Growing up it has been so obvious to see the benefits of relaxing those feeling of needing to be “mature” all the time and letting my imagination run wild.

1. I can PLAY with my kids

It is so fun to sit down at the dollhouse and act them out with my little girl and see the ways that she acts them out! We also like to make cars from cardboard boxes and “drive” them around the house, go “shopping” with her little plastic cart throughout the house, and become very animated when reading books and telling stories.

2. I have better IDEAS

Not only can I play with my kids, but I can come up with fun ideas of what to play if we need a change of routine. When I need to plan activities with friends or family, the more I stretch my imagination, the better ideas I have and our activities are more exciting and memorable.

3. I can adapt better to CHANGE

Change is hard. Most people know it! But with allowing my imagination to grow I find that I have a more positive attitude, become more flexible, and I enjoy discovering what outcomes the changes will make.

4. Dreams become REALITIES

By expanding my imagination I can create a path to my dreams. I can discover what steps need to be taken along the way and make those dreams come true.

I took my girls to the Treehouse Museum yesterday and watching Miss R run around with new friends and play with anything that caught her eye made me really appreciate childhood and the ease of imagination. She made friends instantly, was so eager to try new things, and had fun from the second we walked in to the moment I had to pry her off the plastic horse to go home.

Let go of your stress, and let your imagination have a turn!