I have a confession. I did not purchase this adorable key hanger to make my guests feel welcome. But I did buy it to help hubby keep his sanity.

Nearly two months ago as hubby was rushing off somewhere, he was frantically searching for his keys. And I have to admit that this was a regular occurrence. We both were digging through couch cushions, checking pants pockets, and looking under and behind furniture to find his keys. No success.

So he took my keys. Every day. Until two days ago. If I ever needed to go somewhere when he was gone I left the door unlocked to get back in. Super scary!

We recently got a second car and I’m pretty excited to have the freedom to run errands or make appointments without having to coordinate with hubby every single time. But then I realized, he has my keys today. I’m still stuck here!!

This began another search. Short lived. I thought, “I’ll just check pockets again.” I opened the hall closet and stuck my hand into his worn out, old, green coat pocket. And, as our toddler Miss R would say, “Ta-Da!!!!” There were his keys.

I am determined that we won’t lose keys or wallets again. I went to Target and found this adorable decorative wall shelf for $19.99. I brought it home and had hubby mount it a few hours later. We both now must hang up our keys and put our wallets in the box shelf for easier mornings and less stress in getting out the door. (And being able to keep the door locked at all times when we’re away.)

Let’s just cross our fingers that it works.