When we had Miss R I became overwhelmed with advice of “do’s and don’ts” from all sorts of friends and family. One of the best things I learned from all of that is that every child is different, and I learned the best “do’s and don’ts” simply by getting to know how my child and I worked together and what we needed individually. Each relationship is unique!

Since having Miss M nearly two months ago, the relationship needs have changed up a bit! One thing I’ve needed is free hands to take care of Miss R while still calming down the baby.

About 3 months before we had the baby, I received a surprise gift from one of hubby’s favorite coworkers. A “Happy” baby wrap!

I love this wrap so much because it allows me to be hands free, chase and care for Miss R, while I cuddle and soothe Miss M! It really helps me feel like I’m bonding with my baby by having her so close to me.

๐Ÿ›’: Happy Baby Wrap